No database

simplitt stores all your content in a single flat file.

Static site

simplitt generates a complete static site from your single data file: home page, category pages and single post pages.

No installation

simplitt needs no installation. Just set up some parameters and upload the files to your server.

Easy update

simplitt makes all the work: just run a script and simplitt will recompile and update your entire site.


Home, category and single pages

simplitt generates a full site. That includes a home page, one page for each of your categories and a single page for each of your contents.

How to build a site with simplitt: the easy way

Customize your simplitt

Rename sptt-config-sample.php file to sptt-config.php and set up the variables inside. Then open .htaccess file and customize it for your domain, following the instruction inside.

Compile simplitt

Run sptt-makesite.php script to generate or update your site. Just visit it in your browser: http://yourdomain.com/sptt-makesite.php.

Working in localhost

Working in localhost

Alternatively, the best and most secure way to use simplitt is to compile and test it in your local machine.

Upload the site to your internet server

Upload just the content in site/ folder to your internet server and you will have a full static site in your internet server, dynamically generated in your localhost.

More security

To compile in localhost is good because: you'll automatically get a local backup of your site; and you maximize the security of your server.

Who is behind

Pablo rey Mazón

Researcher, programmer and designer in montera34, devoted to create tools and data visualizations to empower technological autonomy. He has been Visiting Scientist at the MIT Center for Civic Media and is part of Basurama, a collectived centered in the study of waste and reuse. He is now developing PageOneX.com, a tool for analyzing stories in newspaper front pages and blogs at numeroteca.org.


You can make a 140 characters suggestion via Twitter: @simplitt.
If you want to tell us longer, write us a mail: info/at/simplitt.com.